Residential Project Coordinator - PRG Residential
PRG Residential - Big Sky, MT

Experience Required

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Full Description

PRG Project Coordinators are integral members of both the Operations and Accounting Departments, with responsibilities to both the Accounting Team and the Project Teams. PC’s have the potential to work on multiple dynamic projects as project support and administration. PC’s also offer support to the Accounting Department between project support tasks to reconcile statements, track lien waivers, and manage time entries. While supporting the Project Teams, PC’s work with Project Managers to assist with project setup, project related document storage/management, buyout, change management, and monthly pay app execution. PC’s work with our Subcontractors to ensure compliance with onboarding, accurate invoicing and contracting. The PC team uses Procore, QuickBooks, and SharePoint daily, so computer literacy is very important for job success.

Project Coordinator Responsibilities - Operations

  • Become familiar with Project financials including budgets, job costs, commitments, and change management. Understand how actions on site impact job cost, monthly pay applications, and job profitability.
  • Project expert in use of Procore financial tools.
  • Understand Owner Contracts to help prepare accurate monthly pay applications.
  • Organize data between all software and document storage platforms.
  • Work with a team of Project Coordinators to support team needs and goals.
  • Ensure subcontractor paperwork and insurance compliance.
  • Maintain Project Level and Company Level Procore Directory.
  • Assist Project Manager in budget entry at the start of the project.
  • Prepare project financial reporting for Project Managers and Executives to quickly view health of the job from different perspectives.
  • Assist in buyout by issuing Project Startup Forms to collect project specific contact information from Subcontractors, send filled Exhibit A’s and Purchase Orders for signature, load into Commitment tool for tracking within Procore.
  • Assist PM with Change Events and monitor their statuses. Make updates as Change Events become change orders or voided.
  • Create Prime Contract Change Orders and Commitment Change Orders from approved Change Events.
  • Send Prime Contract Change Orders for signature by Owner and Commitment Change Orders for signature by Subcontractor/Vendor.
  • Understand the difference between a Committed Cost and a Direct Cost.
  • Management of Shared Admin Mailboxes for invoices, statements, and general external inquiries.
  • Regular review of project pay app folders for precoding and review of Subcontractor/Vendor invoicing. First line of defense to work with Subcontractor/Vendors to correct any errors in their invoicing.
  • Create and administer monthly pay applications with the Project Team.

Project Coordinator Responsibilities - Accounting

  • Vendor/Subcontractor Statement Reconciliation
  • Time Management and Entry
  • Lien Waivers
  • Bank Statement Reconciliation
  • Additional as assigned


  • Competitive Wages
  • Health & Vision Insurance
  • Dental Insurance
  • 401K
  • Paid Time Off (limitations apply)
  • Paid Holidays
  • Phone Stipend

PRG Employees Enjoy

  • Career Advancement Opportunities
  • Continuing Education & Training
  • A Safe & Healthy Work Environment

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This job description is not an exhaustive list of all the skills, requirements, and responsibilities associated with this job. It is only intended to serve as a general overview.

PRG Residential

PRG Residential

If you are interested in building the highest quality luxury homes and would like to join the PRG family, please take a moment to complete this form.



PRG Residential believes that we all work best when our employees have what they need to live a quality life in and outside of work. We want our employees to be excited about the work they do and be excited about the life it affords them. That’s why we provide a highly competitive compensation package, full benefits, and a rigorous standard for completing high quality work you can be proud of.


With a culture of support, opportunity, and autonomy, the chances for growing into whatever you aspire too are endless. Many PRG Residential employees have started out in entry level positions and through hard work, dedication, and training have advanced their careers within the company. Individuals are often provided opportunities to take on new challenges, projects, and responsibilities.


PRG Residential supplies our employees with substantial opportunities for training. From the day a new employee joins our family, through their duration with the company, they are exposed to a highly positive safety culture and given every opportunity to be successful. We continually review and access our training program and adapt training to the specific needs of every employee and every project.



At PRG Residential, safety is of utmost importance to our entire team. We believe that our people are our most valuable asset and their safety is our greatest responsibility. We are committed to ensuring that every employee and trade partner has a safe and healthy working environment, we believe no accident is acceptable. We strive to provide the safest job sites possible with extensive safety planning, routine safety training, continual safety assessments, daily job hazard analysis, site specific safety plans, and a dedicated professional safety team.