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Our continuous commitment to safety has been recognized by the Montana Department of Labor and Industry as we have been awarded the 2022 Governors Safety Achievement Award.

At PRG we believe Safety is paramount to a successful project. We maintain a top-down, bottom-up approach where each and every employee has a voice. Our safety culture is driven by empowering all employees to make safe decisions and take corrective action, including stop work authority. We strive to provide the safest job sites possible for our employees, trade partners, developers, and clients.



We prize a collaborative environment with owners, architects, and designers that lead to the best product possible. From the start, we implement a multi-stage approach, transparent cost-sharing, and value engineering, integrated with delivery options that save costs and time.

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Accountability and Quality Assurance

Right in step with our regard for safety is our dedication to accountability and quality assurance. We ensure that a dedicated safety manager, and quality assurance/quality control manager, are overseeing the projects PRG undertakes. We empower them to provide oversight, training, support, and accountability for our field staff, across all teams. They also maintain regular reports, documenting corrective actions when necessary.

Our transparent accounting and cost tracking procedures give you access to every invoice, so you’re never wondering where your money is going. All of this is recorded in our Procore Management Software with photo archives, plan management, and scheduling timelines.

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We maintain a full project contract schedule at all times. With monthly block format phasing and a weekly five-week-look-ahead schedule, we ensure that we’re always doing the most to get your project completed under budget and ahead of schedule.



Upon turnover, our designated punch manager will do a thorough walkthrough of the property. Any punch list items that need to be addressed are then recorded in detail in our Procore software. This list is then published with due dates and shared with subcontractors for a streamlined approach to execution.