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Dan Gibbons

Dan Gibbons


Dan grew up in California and graduated from University of California Santa Barbara before traveling as a Yacht Captain to all parts of the tropics. His leadership is backed by 15 years of experience doing Mountain Construction with an emphasis in multi-family, infrastructural, and commercial tenant improvements in the Big Sky area.

If you were to ask Dan what his favorite part of the job is, he’d tell you it’s the finish. While the answer may sound surprising at first, a deeper dive into who Dan is and the values he instills at PRG quickly reveals that the finish is not quite what you’re thinking. For Dan, there is no greater feeling than handing over the keys of a successful project to an owner, seeing the passion and joy on their faces, as well as on his team members.

He knows that when PRG succeeds, what it really means is that the employees he cares so much about succeed. He takes pride in watching the comradery and enthusiasm that fill his teams when they pull together to close a project that goes above and beyond client expectations. And much to the high-quality reputation of PRG, that level of success is the rule more than the exception.

Dan enjoys mentoring employees to grow and be successful while managing dynamic projects and meeting tight deadlines. Dan regularly spends his days in the field, working with employees to maximize project efficiencies and improve assemblies within the build process. A strong believer in a book called ‘Extreme Ownership’, Dan believes in a hands-on mentoring process with the PRG field managers. When not working, Dan can be found on the trails and lakes of Montana.

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